Saturday, August 30, 2008

Washcloths For Women's Shelter

So, in my last post I mentioned a charity I'm starting up. It's called 'A Fresh Start', and it's to benefit my local women's shelter.

See, when women come into a shelter, they're frequently fleeing a really bad situation and don't have time to grab even the basics, like toiletries. So the goal of 'A Fresh Start' is to provide handmade washcloths and small toiletries for the women to keep. Right now, the women are given a washcloth when they enter the shelter that they have to return when they leave. I'm also collecting small toys for the children.

Yesterday, I received my first package of washcloths and toiletries. The washcloths were gorgeous and the toiletries were generously sized. I'm so excited -- it looks like this may actually work!

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