Tuesday, June 30, 2009

New Etsy Shop

I've been dyeing silk scarves for the past few weeks, having fun experimenting with different colors and techniques. The problem is that now I have nearly a dozen hand-dyed scarves and not enough people to give gifts to, so I'm going to open up a second Etsy store. Right now, the name will be 'Elegant Essentials', unless I come up with (or someone suggests) something better. That name will also encompass my partner's gorgeous hairsticks/shawl pins. They're either wood or bone sticks, with strands of semi-precious gemstone beads dangling from them. They're absolutely stunning to look at, and believe me, they work wonderfully as shawl pins -- I've used them that way!

If you've got any suggestions for a shop name, please post them! If I choose a name that's suggested by one of you, there will be a pretty thank you gift!


ennadoolf said...

The shop sounds like a great idea! I like the shop name, but wonder if you tweak it a bit to Essential Elegance?

Another idea might be Elegant Expressions. or Expressive Elegance with that twist again. but I don't like the double "e" in the last one.

That's all my ideas for now.

Beth123B said...

Thanks for the suggestions! I ran 'Essential Elegance' past my partner, because I was torn and wanted her input, since her hairsticks/shawl pins could be there. She said that Essential Elegance didn't make her feel like there might be something she wanted to look at, but Elegant Essential did, so I think I'm going to go with my original name. Great suggestion, though!