Saturday, February 7, 2009

Running For Research

My partner's mother died a couple of years ago from lymphoma. Her sister, Holly, is running in a marathon to raise money for research to find a cure for leukemia and lymphoma. Here's what Holly has to say:

Will you join me in supporting The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society? On May 24th, 2009 (my sister Avi's birthday!), I will be running the Vermont City Marathon with Team in Training (TNT). I was inspired to do this by my niece Kristen Johnson (2 marathons with TNT), the memory of my Mom, and in honor of my local team hero Mason Snider. Mason is just 4 years old and has been living with leukemia since he was not quite 2. He is currently in the maintenance phase of chemotherapy and will be in treatment until 2010.

I like running; it helps keep me healthy. I've run several half marathons, but never a full marathon. Running one with TNT seems manageable, unlike running from appointment to appointment trying to manage a disease like leukemia, lymphoma or myeloma. Working as a team makes training for the race possible for me, fund-raising as a team might eventually make more cures possible for all of us.Please make a donation to support my participation in Team In Training and help advance LLS's mission.

Many thanks in advance.

To support this, I'm announcing a raffle. It will be run on the honor system. Donate to help Holly raise money and then post here that you've done so. You can donate whatever amount you can afford, even if it's just a dollar. You get a chance to win for posting. If you choose to post the amount you donate, you'll get a chance for every $10 you give. So, what are the prizes, right? 1st place gets 2 custom made sets of stitch markers from my Etsy Shop, Needle Bling. 2nd gets one custom made set, and 3rd gets a $10 gift certificate. Gift certificates can be redeemed for any item in my shop, or for special orders. Custom made means you choose the type of beads, the size of the stitch markers and the color of the findings. The contest will run until March 15. Holly's goal is $2000 -- let's help her go over that!

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